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Industrial control

Provide core components for factory automation industrial equipment.

Servo motor control

The sampling accuracy and real-time performance of the current sensor largely determine the dynamic

Thin film solar cell

Professional supplier for thin film solar cell

Financial field

It has been applied to many countries, such as currency notes, clearing machines, clearing machines
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We launched a new InSb Hall element series

The SNK series Hall element is made of a compound semiconductor material with In



Development and application of semiconductor materials

The material in nature can be divided into conductive conductors (such as silver


About Sentronic

Sentronicis a world's leading compound semiconductor IDM company. As the IDM company, it focuses on developing, producing and selling the products like compound semiconductor materials、InSbmonocrystalline material、High sensitivity Holzer IC and Optical and magnetic sensors.

Advanced core technology

Advanced professionalequipment and the ability to operate multipleproduction lines

Diversified product types